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No landlord in New York City wants cracked concrete in front of their structure. Damaged concrete can ruin the aesthetics of your property and, if you’re not careful, get you into financial and legal difficulties. Give the knowledgeable staff at NY Concrete a call when concrete damage appears outside of your NYC property to arrange for the necessary concrete repairs. When it comes to keeping your property safe and avoiding any trouble with the DOT, concrete repairs are crucial. It’s time to schedule concrete repairs right away if you see any of the following on your concrete:

Collapsed concrete

Trip hazards

Exposed hardware

Tree roots

Improper slope


Expert Concrete Specialists Team

Our team of concrete experts has completed sidewalk, driveway, and foundation services in the real world. Additionally, they receive ongoing training to guarantee top-notch work at each job site.


Concrete Repair Services

We have the expertise to accomplish the project safely, whether you require a few feet of concrete repaired or entire deconstruction and re-installation of concrete surfaces. Our entire body of work satisfies or exceeds code standards.

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Avoid Costly Fines with Concrete Repairs in NYC

If you don’t try to keep the public concrete surfaces on your property in decent shape, the NYC DOT isn’t afraid to issue fines. If the concrete on the sidewalk in front of your house or place of business is damaged, you can find yourself facing a fine or sidewalk violation before you realise it.

This kind of damage can’t always be avoided, but by acting immediately to get the concrete repairs you need, you can reduce the amount of hassle that comes with the restoration process. If you discover any evidence of damage to your concrete surfaces, call our NYC concrete repair specialists right once to prevent a much more irritating chain of events.